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Fruit Storage Containers

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Perfect refrigerator storage container for your fruits and veggies with a wash and drain function to keep them fresh. It's a must-have for your kitchen!


Fridge Storage Containers Made of high-quality food-grade safety PET material which can effectively resist stains and odors, 100% BPA-free. Fit for refrigerator storage, also for healthy picnic parties.

These produce storage containers all come with adjustable foldable partitions for classified storage. They can store most types of fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, strawberry, blueberry, etc, They are space-saving, and clean without any odor.

It can be a great gift idea for your friends and families.

  • The vegetable and fruit storage container with lids have a vents system that can regulate the flow of air, in and out, and control the humidity inside the box. It helps prevent spoilage, keeps fruits and vegetables' shelf life longer in and out of the refrigerator.
  • These containers come with adjustable foldable partitions for classified storage to prevent the food from squeezing, rotting, or sogginess. There are three different capacities of containers that can be used to store many types of fruits or vegetables, and different types of meat and fish.
  • The bottom of the container has a small opening that can be opened to drain out the water and can also be used as a colander to wash produce or strain food such as potatoes. The filter tray at the bottom is used to elevate food from the moisture hence can be used as storage after cleaning without changing containers. Filtering out the water on the surface of vegetables and fruits reduces spoilage of the food.
  • These Vegetable and Fruit Storage Containers are made of high-quality, 100% food-grade safe, environmental-friendly, and recyclable, made from materials that can effectively resist stains and odors. It can also be used to store food in the refrigerator without fear of spoiling, and also as serving bowls for different events and parties. 



  • Material: PET + PP + TPR.
  • Capacity: 0.48L, 1.7L, 4.5L.
  • Temperature resistance: -4F/-20C to 248F/120C
  • Function: Wash + Drain + Keep Fresh.


  • Small: 5.3x3.5x3.3"
  • Medium: 7.8x5.2x4.5"
  • Large size: 11x7x5.9"


  • Small: 0.5lb
  • Medium: 1lb
  • Large size: 2.2lb

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